TT-60TT/TG Tray Packer

Our top-load tray packing machinery development complements our existing vertical and horizontal cartoners. Including both manual and fully automated systems, our robust series of Tray Packers will enhance your current production and packaging environment.

The TT-60-TT/TG Top Load Tray Packing Machine can collate products and load them into a tray at speeds up to 35 TPM. The TT-60TT/TG top load tray packer features stainless steel frames, powered tray magazine, tray former, tray loader, and PLC controls with self-diagnostics. A wide assortment of options includes multiple tray magazines, multiple lane merge conveyors, race track collating devices, and robotic tray loaders with custom EOAT.

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Key Features

  • Flexible Speeds Up to 35 TPM
  • Wide Product Size Range
  • Quick and Easy Servo-Assisted Changeover
  • Various Collation/Orientation Systems
  • Positive Product Handling & Placement
  • Easy Setup & Changeover
  • Optimum Accessibility
  • Compact Footprint


Shelf Ready Packaging


Candy Packing

TT-60TT/TG Common Tray Packing Applications

Cartons  ●  Blisters ●  Pouches  ●  Cans

TT-60TT Product Application


TYPE Tuck or Glue-Closed Carton Tray Packer
MODE Intermittent Motion – Manual or fully automated systems
MACHINE CENTERS Variable, up to 15 inches
SPEED Variable, up to 35 trays/minute. Depending upon application
TRAY FEED Powered magazine with reciprocating feeder
TRAY CLOSING Available with Tuck or Hot Melt Glue Tray Closing System
TRAY LOADING Manual, robotic or with collation system
FRAME Welded tubular stainless steel. Hinged cover panels with safety interlocks
DRIVE Servo drive, with line shaft
CONTROLS Allen Bradley PLC’s and electrical components
ADJUSTMENTS Lead screws with calibrated scale references
DIMENSIONS Request specific model floor plan