TT-912 Tri-Seal Glue/Tuck CartonerAutomatic Tri-Seal and Flat-Blank Vertical Cartoner

The TT-912 top load cartoning machine represents a new approach to automated flat blank cartoning.

The TT-912 series offers continuous motion, totally integrated systems or modules featuring positive carton control, and on-demand computer scale interfacing.

Welded tubular stainless steel construction, line shaft drives, and PLC controls lead to high efficiencies, less waste, more sanitary operations. Discover the new packaging and design approach to automated, totally controlled flat-blank and tri-seal cartoning.

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Key Features

  • Tri-seal and flat-blank systems
  • Compact footprint
  • Quick changeover


Candy Bars Chocolate Bars Vials


Candy Packing Medical Supplies Packing

TT-912 Carton Styles and Product Applications

Syringes  ●  Vials ●  Candy Bars  ●  Cartons

TT-912 Product Applications


MODE Continuous or Intermittent Motion
MACHINE CENTERS 10, 15, or 18 Inches
SPEED Variable, up to 135 cartons/minute. Depending upon application
CARTON FEED Powered magazine with reciprocating feeder
CARTON FORMING Overhead traveling mandrels or carton erector interface
CARTON SEALING Hot melt glue, flame, hot-air, or tuck closing
CARTON CLOSING Stationary and mechanical plows
FRAME Welded tubular stainless steel. Hinged cover panels with safety interlocks
DRIVE Servo drive, with line shaft
CONTROLS Allen Bradley PLCs and electrical components
DIMENSIONS Request specific model floor plan