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Tishma Technologies designs and manufactures high quality, high-efficiency packaging machinery, and packaging systems. Our products are used worldwide in most major industries including Food, Pharma, Confections, Cosmetic, Beverage, and many others. If you are a small manufacturer, you can increase your efficiency with our semi-automatic, manual load, stand-alone machines. For large worldwide companies, we offer high-speed, continuous motion, flexible, fully integrated turn-key packaging lines. We integrate quality craftsmanship, top-notch technology, and innovative, modular designs to accommodate today’s flexible packaging machinery requirements.

Our Mission

For forty years, TISHMA has been a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery. Throughout its history, TISHMA has been a pioneer in the design,and development of packaging equipment. We consider ourselves a driving force in an era of rapidly changing packaging applications, materials, and requirements. As a result, today’s machines offer superior product handling while maintaining very high rates of speed and overall operating efficiencies. TISHMA has established strong, long-standing relationships with its customers, and sales agents,and has assumed a position of market leadership. With the recent acquisition by Nortech Packaging, our customers can now enjoy upgraded technology, craftsmanship, complete single source equipment supply, responsibility, full level service, and support.

Our Company

Tishma was founded in 1977, as a custom engineering, and manufacturing firm for the packaging industry. The first cartoning machine was built in the basement of an apartment building, and it is still in operation today. For 40 years, Tishma has designed and developed a wide variety of packaging systems, not only for the United States but worldwide. In 2016, Tishma was acquired by Nortech, Inc. and will continue building the existing product line, while expanding to meet the needs of the industry. Tishma Technologies location is in Schaumburg, Illinois, where all the packaging machines and solutions are being developed and then shipped anywhere across the Chicago area, Midwest area, and the rest of the world.