Integrated Systems | Tishma Technologies, LLC




With the Nortech Packaging acquisition, integrated systems are becoming our standard. Our cartoners, case packers, and robotic palletizers will allow our customers single source supply for the full end of line packaging requirements. This way, all your packaging needs are being catered by one, reliable partner who will make sure that all your equipment is compatible. The journey of a product through a supply chain can be complex and Tishma Technologies are with you every step of the way. Tishma Technologies Cartoners provide best secondary packaging for your product, whether it is packed horizontally, vertically, in a lined carton, or in a Bag-in-a-box packaging. Our tray packers will pack cartons with your product on a tray, providing you with shelf-ready packaging solution which will be appreciated by your distributors and your consumers. Trays with your product need to be further packed for easier shipping and stacking. That is where our case packers are taking the scene. Once packed in a case, your products are placed on a pallete with the help of Tishma Technologies robotic palletizers that can have up to six outfeeds, depending on your needs and floor space. Utilize the full potential of Tishma Technologies and invest in an integrated system that provides you with the best, most economical and highly efficient packaging solutions – each step of the way.