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West Pack Report 2019 – New trends and challenges in the packaging industry

West Pack 2019 Conference and Expo lasted from 5th to 7th of February at the Anaheim, and we were among the exhibitors.
 We got the chance to showcase our most wanted packaging solution, the ROO-100 Pre-Made Pouch Fill & Seal machine, to discuss the packaging needs and requirements with our potential clients, and to learn more about industry’s sustainability perceptions, trends, and challenges.


We witnessed the rapid growth of the California market, especially in the Cannabis industry. We noticed that most of the clients are turning to the use of eco-friendly recyclable materials for their product packaging, due to the growing awareness of environmental issues.

The attitudes towards automation are also changing. A large number of small businesses and startup companies are considering automation from the very start, even though some of them are still in the product development phase. Automation is definitely not just for the big players anymore.


 When it comes to big players, the most prominent trend is moving from their old, outdated packaging formats to new and more convenient formats like a stand-up pouch.

We see these trends as a good opportunity for Tishma Technologies’ and Nortech Packaging’s growth and a chance to come up with new, innovative packaging solutions that will address the challenges the packaging industry is facing today.

Now, we’re going to take a look at some of those challenges and opportunities that were also some of the main topics of this years’ West Pack Expo.


Heat-retentive packaging is a hot new trend in the packaging industry. Exciting new packaging technology that harnesses inductive heat to adjust the temperature of a package’s contents is raising a lot of interest among packaging professionals.

 Clean Packaging appears to be the next step in consumer transparency.  The fact is that the increasing number of consumers is demanding transparency about what they’re eating.  Due to these demands, some of the manufacturers are applying a more critical eye to their food packaging.  Because of the recent examples of food packaging issues such as -A (BPA) and fluorocarbons, “clean packaging” is likely to follow behind clean food as a focal point for consumers and an opportunity for brand owners to build trust with them.

Packaging for eCommerce’s brings some tough challenges Consumers today are accustomed to getting anything and everything delivered to their doorstep, from razors to meal kits. Packaging makes this convenience possible, and it is up to brands to utilize innovative packaging in order to solve some of the toughest challenges in e-commerce.

New Packaging Could Save Our Oceans. Environmentalists are becoming concerned for the use of plastics due to a patch of plastic trash twice the size of Texas swirling in the ocean halfway between Hawaii and California. The plastic packaging industry is increasingly being called upon to do something about it, as the awareness of ocean plastics pollution grows. Brands are expected to introduce innovative solutions to this growing problem.


New trends and new demands require new packaging materials and formats, and as a packaging machine manufactures, we see this as an opportunity to offer high-quality, custom made, automatic packaging solutions, built according to the client’s packaging needs, that will help the brands to face the upcoming challenges and increase their efficiency!