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Tips on Organic Food Packaging

We all witnessed the tremendous growth of the organic food marketing the last few years. Increase in demand for organic products encouraged big food companies to incorporate organic and all-natural items into their product lines. Increase in demand also encouraged individuals to start their own, small organic food production. Many of these individuals start with homemade products and manual packaging and later they invest in packaging equipment that can follow their growth. Investing in the right cartoner, case packer or palletizer is especially important for organic food manufacturers for several reasons.

4 tips on organic packaging
4 tips on organic packaging

To differentiate themselves, organic foods producers have to compete with other organic products, but also with non-organic products on the market. Since organic goods are higher-priced than non-organic products, packaging for these products must reflect the same quality standards. Organic products packaging requires creativity in order to meet consumer expectations on quality and brand promise. Additionally, the entire packaging process also has to be eco-friendly. So, what do consumers want from organic food packaging?

Premium Quality

The first association with organic products is quality. Organic food companies need to reflect the qualities of the best, all natural ingredients in their packaging as well. This sense of premium quality can be achieved with packaging designs that include higher-quality materials, structures, and finishes. Packaging is the first impression a consumer has with a brand and it’s critical to respond to consumers’ value expectations. Organic packaging design should distinguish an organic, natural product from standard, mass-produced products.


Organic food products rely on transparency to deliver a “good for you” quality to consumers. Unique packaging that allows consumers to see the foods can be a great way to be transparent. Additionally, strategically placed text and graphics can be used to educate the consumer about ingredients and their origin.

Organic product packaging


Consumers consider organic goods to be pure and better for them. They expect the same when it comes to their packaging. Purity can be communicated through packaging in many ways: soy-based inks, recycled materials or recyclability. Organic structures that make the products easy to use can also create a sense of purity. Less is more: keep the packaging simple, yet elegant and exciting!

Visual Elements

Text, graphics and other visual elements are crucial for any packaging. Going back to nature is a common association that consumers make when deciding to buy organic products. This can be achieved by using high-quality photography that makes the healthful benefits apparent. Ingredient call-outs and color choices can also be a significant tool. Photography that showcases products in their natural state and paying special attention to the representation of nutritional qualities are a must. You want to create a packaging design that is as healthful and wholesome as consumers expect.


The Organic movement is not just about human health. Consumers of organic food also show great concern for nature and the environment. Choosing the right packaging material can show that you share the same values as them. Glass is infinitely recyclable and it can also give your product a vintage feel. Highly Recyclable Plastics are especially applicable for organic cleaners and they represent a great opportunity to reduce landfill waste. Lightweight packaging reduces the amount of overall material used. Less material used means less waste in landfills, less weight for shipping and a lesser impact of carbon emissions. Natural corks are typically viewed as a very sustainable option. Because of this, it can be a great closure option for spirits, olive oils, and other products.

Organic Friendly Packaging Machines by Tishma
Organic Friendly Packaging Machines by Tishma

Organic food brands need to be associated with values of health, purity, environmental concern and energy efficiency. These values are reflected in the entire manufacturing process, not just in the final product and its packaging. If you are a small company manufacturing organic goods and looking for a way to automate your packaging line, make sure to check Tishma Technologies’ packaging solutions.