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The Future in a Glass Bottle: Packaging Machinery For Bottle Cartoning

The Future in a Glass Bottle: Packaging Machinery For Bottle Cartoning

The glass guarantees that the items inside a glass bottle keep their quality, smell, and flavor. Glass doesn’t react with the majority of the items stored in it, and besides that, it is nonporous and impermeable. If you want to maintain the taste, the health, and the environment, glass is a go-to packaging material.

As a crude material glass holds probably the most amazing attributes: glass is 100% recyclable, and it doesn’t lose its quality or virtue when reused. That is why glass bottles are overwhelmingly useful in the packaging business.  While the use of glass bottles in sustenance packaging is slowly decreasing, glass is still widely used for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications.

Liquor refreshments and nourishment are mainly packed in glass bottles. Glass bottles became the symbol of the liquor industry. With the lager industry expanding in European nations, we can expect the rise in the European glass bottle packaging production. When it comes to Center East, in the following years, we can expect development in pharmaceutical glass bottle packaging.

In developing nations, rising consumption of beer will influence the global glass packaging market development due to increasing pay levels, the impact of the western way of life, simplicity of accessibility, and diminished expenses of brews.

Although metal jars and plastic bottles have been picking up popularity lately, glass bottles are still likely to hold a massive share of the beer packaging industry, which will result in expanding the global glass bottle packaging market in the coming years.

As we can see, glass bottles, glass vials, and glass ampoules are here to stay, regardless of the industry. But, due to their fragility,  glass bottles more often than not require secondary packaging.

Pharmaceutical vials are usually transported in flat blank tri-seal carton boxes with dividers. Ideal cartoner for vials should be able to form the carton, place the divider in the carton, receive and collate vials in the required pattern, load them into the carton and then seal the carton. We recommend cartoners with robotic infeed for these kinds of applications, which allow for precise and reliable vial handling. For more details on how we solved a vial packaging challenge, make sure to check out the TT-50 Top-Load Vial Cartoner case study by clicking on this image:



Liquid pharmaceutical products like eye-drops, nose-drops, and CBD oil are often primarily packed in glass bottles with dosing droppers. These bottles, along with the leaflet, are usually packed in single cartons. One of the more economical solutions for this kind of application is a semi-automatic cartoner with manual bottle loading. This type of cartoner is also more compact, allowing businesses to make the most out of their available floor space. If you want to see an example of a semi-automatic vertical cartoner, check out our TT-50 Dosing Dropper Cartoner case study by clicking on the image below.


Bottles of luxurious liquor are usually sold in well-designed carton boxes, conveying the sense of opulence and communicating high quality and brand image. Cartoners for this kind of application should feature a timed screw bottle infeed, carton pockets that ensure the carton maintains its shape, and reliable bottle grippers that will load it in the carton. We faced and successfully solved this kind of challenge, as well. For more details, check out the TT-50 Whiskey Cartoner case study by clicking on the image below.


Glass bottles and glass jars have been with us for ages. The first glass bottles were produced in southeast Asia around 100 B.C., and in the Roman Empire, around 1 A.D. America’s glass bottle and glass jar industry was born in the early 1600s when settlers in Jamestown built the first glass-melting furnace.

Today, glass bottles are still used in a wide range of industries, and Tishma Technologies is here to provide those industries with the best bottle cartoning machinery!