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Stick Out with Stick Pack

The story of stick packs began around 40 years ago when a Japanese machinery manufacturer launched a vertical sachet called a Stick. Since then, stick packs have become popular in Europe and have finally made their way to the United States, changing the way we utilize single portioned products. Due to its low cost, the first stick packed product was sugar.

Stick pack machines have been advancing through the years in order to increase output production and save material costs. These improvements made other industries (Beverage, Pharma, and Cosmetic) interested in using this kind of packaging.



Stick packs are very popular among retailers because they take up less room on shelves and can easily be displayed by checkouts, where customers are more likely to see and purchase them. They are widely used in restaurants as well because they are convenient and easily placed in dispensers. Drug manufacturers are also taking advantage of stick packs, especially for effervescent cold medications.

Consumers enjoy stick packs because of the easy use. They can be emptied on your food, in your drink or directly into your mouth. Instant drink manufacturers chose to put their drink mixes in stick packs because they are intended to be introduced directly into water bottles.

Hygiene is one more advantage of stick packs. Some restaurants used to use salt shakers, sugar shakers or even bowls with sugar in them for their customers. As many people use these items it was possible to contaminate the product, not to mention that sugar, salt, and other products get wasted this way. Stick packs are more economical and better in terms of hygiene and minimizing waste.

If you are a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, instant beverages, sugar, salt, spices or condiments, you should also know that one of the greatest advantages of stick pack is the material saving. Depending on the size of the stick pack, you can save up to 20% or 40% of material, against a 4 sided sealed sachet. Since the product application requires that the user takes 100% of product it means that there is no waste that can cause environmental issues, so the use of stick packs can be considered socially responsible.

If you already chose stick packs for primary packaging of your product, double check if your secondary packaging solution is convenient, practical and economical as well. Cardboard boxes are one of the best ways to stack and ship your stick packed product, and Tishma Technologies offers various cartoners, including models TI-50 and TI-60 to receive your packs (in any count) and provide you your required pack counts (in any count) in the finished cartons.

If you are trying to bring some innovations to your packaging, don’t stick to traditional packaging forms. Chose to stick out with some stylish stick packs!