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Spare Part Identification? No longer an issue!

Being a good machine manufacturer and full-service supplier requires constant innovation and improvements. Sometimes, implementation of new technologies can lead to revolutionary packaging automation systems. On the other hand, sometimes even small improvements and adjustments can make a world of a difference. It’s all about efficiency and saving time and money. A compact, fast packaging machine with quick changeover will certainly increase efficiency, but there is more to it. Efficiency also means regular maintenance and good spare parts management that will ensure minimum downtime. Our Cartoners, Case and Tray Packers and Palletizers are undoubtedly efficient, but we also want to make sure that the maintenance process is efficient as well.

When your machine is down, you have to react immediately, because every minute of downtime counts. We noticed that spare part identification can sometimes be troublesome, and we decided to address the issue.


In an effort to help you, from now on, all spare parts manufactured by Tishma Technologies will be engraved with its part number. We decided to add this step in the process because we recognized that it will bring tremendous benefits in the following ways:

1) Spare parts for different machines often look similar and identifying the right part can be quite a challenge. Engraving will help you to quickly identify the part. You no longer have to save the ID tag and no more wondering which part is for which machine.

2) The part numbers will also be engraved on all manufactured parts that are going into our new machines in order to save our new customers the trouble of identifying the part.

3) In the future, when it’s time to replace an engraved spare part, you won’t have to look up the part number in the manual to replace it; you can immediately contact us for a replacement or take the right part from your inventory of spares.




Downtime is stressful and frustrating and it is our goal for your machine to be up and running again as quickly as possible.

We hope that these improvements will help you to increase your efficiencies and make your spare parts management much easier. It is all about making the most of your resources and cutting the time and cost associated with fixing issues.

Don’t forget to get your spare parts on time! We are here for you.