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Saving floor space: Less is more!

The business landscape has changed with the rise of industrial automation, causing machine builders to persistently look for new ways to improve. Traditional design perspectives and methods are being reinvented and renovated across the entire machine building supply chain. For years, customers have relied on packaging experts, like Tishma, to provide them with packaging solutions that will generate success. Relationships between machine builders and the customers they support still grow, but with different demands. Machine builders are expected to generate new designs to meet the growing need for competitiveness. One of the most important demands is the effort to increase factory efficiency by reducing the overall footprint of facilities, also known as miniaturization. These efficiencies are achieved by primarily focusing on one thing – the overall size of the machines being used. There are two main factors that drive the need for smaller machines:

Demand for Precision

Machines are getting smaller in order to carry out more precise functions. Reducing their size increases the accuracy and efficiency in which they must carry out these new, precise functions.

Demand for More Machines

Smaller machines mean more available floor-space. Now you can fit more machines into less space and ultimately increase manufacturing output without expanding your facility.

There are three main principles Tishma Technologies relies on, in order to follow this trend and help clients to save their floor-space:


Compact Overall Footprints

Tishma Technologies is always ready to go an extra mile for a client. When it comes to floor-space, the extra mile means fewer feet. Our experience and expertise in product handling allow us to deliver compact, yet high-quality, long-lasting systems that deliver the efficiencies you require.


Modular design

The modular design of packaging equipment can make the most of the space that’s available. Packaging equipment usually comes at the end of the manufacturing process. After acquiring all the equipment necessary for production, the remaining floor space is used for packaging equipment. Modular packaging solutions can fit in tight or unusual spaces because modules can be arranged in a way that is more economical in terms of floor space. Solutions that once would have been an in-line machine could now be redesigned in various shaped layouts to fit the specific requirements.



Portable machines are light and easy to transport, thus reducing shipping costs. But there is more to it. Having a portable packaging machine provides our clients with more flexibility and freedom when it comes to organizing their floor-space.

So, if you are in a search for compact packaging solution, search no more. Tishma Technologies has all the right knowledge and experience to provide you with a packaging machine that will increase your efficiency without compromising valuable floor-space.