Whether you are in a search for robotic, gantry, or collaborative palletizer, Tishma Technologies & Nortech Packaging has the solution for you. All of our palletizers feature compact overall footprints which contributes to significant space saving and besides that, they are all competitively priced. Beside palletizing lines, Nortech Packaging also builds combo packaging lines with robotic case erecting and loading, case closing, labeling and palletizing.


Automatic Pre-made pouch fill & seal machine

The ROO-100 Pre-made pouch fill & seal machine can pack almost anything into a stand up doypack pouch. This automatic pouch packaging machine can handle a wide range of pre-made flexible bag sizes and it is available with all standard infeeds and filling systems. With one touch changeovers, a compact overall footprint, decreased downtime, and increased efficiency ROO-100 is set to dominate the market.

Automatic Box-Pouch Fill & Seal Machine

The ROO-200 Box-pouch fill & seal machine can pack any dry product into a box-pouch, also called flat bottom pouch, the quad seal bottom pouch, blocks bottomed pouch, side gusset pouch…
With two magazine lanes, a compact footprint, a wide range of box-pouch sizes, and speeds up to 60 PPM,
the ROO-200 will surely satisfy your box-pouch packaging needs!