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Our Latest Project: TT-60TG Tray Packer for Home Care Product Blisters

Shelf ready packaging can provide numerous advantages for product manufacturers and for product distributors, which is why the demand for shelf-ready packaging solutions continues to rise.

Recently, we had the chance to design and build a shelf-ready packaging machine for the product we are all familiar with: Glade Air Freshener plug-ins that are primarily packed in blister packs.

Our task was to design and build a tray packer that will respond to all packaging needs the client specified.

The packaging solution we built can form and load 35trays per minute and it responds to all packaging challenges our client is facing. In the following lines, we will go through the machine’s features and explain how each of these features is useful when it comes to tray packaging.



Accommodating Two Tray and Blister Sizes

One of our client’s requirements was a flexible packaging solution that can handle two tray and blister sizes with a quick changeover, thus eliminating costly downtime. We managed to respond to this request by building a TT-60TG Tray Packer that features a user-friendly interface and allows quick and easy changeover. In order to facilitate easy set-up, changeover adjustments are performed by servo motors.  The TISHMA calibrated scale reference helps to ensure quick and accurate change-over procedures and to eliminate trial and error techniques.


Reliable Blister Delivery with the 4-1 Lane Merge Conveyor

Blisters are received in a single lane, lying flat on a conveyor with the bottom side leading. A Servo Driven Race Track Collation System introduces blisters into race track pockets and re-orients them into the upright position. Groups of five or six blisters are placed into the formed trays.


Tray Forming and Filling

Flat blank trays are stored in two vertical carton magazines. A plunger style forming system is used to form the blank trays. Tray flaps are closed using a series of stationary and mechanical plows. Once in position, a Nordson Hot Melt glue system applies glue and the trays are sealed. The groups of five or six blisters are placed into the formed trays by the pick-and-place system.



Sensor Systems

TT-60TG Tray Packer features two sensor systems, one located at the tray forming station, and the other located at the tray filling station. The first sensor system is in charge of open flap detection and rejection, while the other group of sensors detects the correct amount of blisters in a tray or rejects the tray.


Safety Features

The TT-60TG Tray Packer is compliant with Cat-3 safety standards.

The machine is guarded by hinged door safety covers of polycarbonate panels on stainless steel frames secured by spring-loaded latches.  These full-length guards allow for convenient visual inspection by both operators and maintenance engineers. An Audible start-up signal indicates the beginning of operations.

The Machine also features two E-stop buttons that can immediately stop the machine and remove power from the main control in the case of an emergency.


Instead of Conclusion

With the rising environmental issues, it is important to note that good shelf-ready packaging can generate savings not only in dollars but in carbon as well. More products per pallet can be dispatched, which leads to fewer pallet movements. Easy transport leads to fewer delivery vehicles on the road. Easy stacking means less warehousing for empty packs and goods waiting to be dispatched. Since there are no extra collation packs inside shelf-ready trays, shelf placement requires less time and energy.

Our client recognized the advantages of shelf-ready packaging and decided to invest in a reliable tray packaging system.

Acknowledging his specific needs is what being a good packaging machine manufacturer is all about. Challenges help us grow.

So, if you are in search of a tray packaging solution, don’t hesitate to contact us!