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Our Latest Project: TT-400 Vertical Cartoner for Candy

Just Born is the ninth largest candy company in the country, and naturally, we were more than happy to design and build a packaging machine for such a big name. Just Born Quality Confections is a third generation, family-owned candy manufacturer that has been in business since 1923 and is known for its iconic brands. One of those brands is the Mike and Ike brand which was first introduced in 1940. Mike and Ike are oblong fruit-flavored chewy candies that come in several colors and varieties, including cherry, orange, lime, lemon, and strawberry. Our task was to design and build high-speed vertical cartoner for Mike and Ike candy that will respond to all packaging needs client specified.

Packaging solution we built can handle over 600 cartons per minute and responds to all packaging challenges our client is facing. In the following lines, we will go through the machine’s features and explain how each of these features is useful when it comes to candy packaging.

TT 400 Top Load Cartoning Machine


Loading Three Different Size Cartons with Easy Changeover

MIKE AND IKE® is Just Borns largest brand by dollar sales and is a top-selling fruity, chewy candy brand available in a wide array of flavor varieties and package sizes. A brand like this demands a flexible packaging solution that can load multiple carton sizes with a quick changeover and a minimum of costly downtime. We managed to respond to this request by building a TT-400 vertical cartoner that loads three different size cartons and features a user-friendly interface that allows quick and easy changeover.

Reliable Candy Delivery with the UltraTrack System

Product spillage and empty cartons both result in a waste that every company wants to minimize or completely avoid by using a good and reliable top-load packaging system. That is why TT-400 vertical cartoner for candy products includes UltraTrack product Handling System. This system provides No-Product/No-Carton, No-Carton/ No-Product Functionality which means that cartons won’t be picked off and set up if there is no product to be fed to cartons, and no product will be is released if the carton isn’t a previously set up.

Precise Volumetric Filler Station

Based on our experience, we knew that volumetric filler is a good choice for the free-flowing product such is Mike and Ike chewable candy. Volumetric cup fillers measure out a product in a cup of specific, predetermined volume. This type of filler is suitable for the precise filling of products at both low and high. speeds.

Vibrating transfer funnels for eliminating product bridging

Bridging is a case where the product that is being discharged or fed forms a bridge or arch over the feed auger or discharge point in a silo cone/hopper. This condition results in the product not flowing as desired. In this case, vibrating transfer funnels were used to secure appropriate product transfer and prevent product bridging; candy product is gently streamed through the transfer spouts and vibrated to allow settling.

Top Flaps Glue-Closing Station

Sealing is among the most important processes employed in the packaging industry. Sealing processes ensures the protection of the products avoiding situations like loss of the quantity of the product, quality degradation and damage to the goods during transit. Based on the carton style used by our client, TT-400 Candy Cartoner features top flaps glue-closing station.


TT-400 Vertical Cartoner Features


Integrated High-Speed Laser Printer

Variable data printing on packaging is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Whether it is variable barcodes, QR codes or a unique ID that is being printed onto folding cartons, it is important to make sure the printed or encoded data is legible, readable, accurate and error-free. According to the client’s demands, TT-400 vertical cartoner features integrated high-speed laser printer.

Integrated In-Line Metal Detector

In the food production industry, metal is one of the most commonly found contaminant materials in food. A metal detector for the food industry ensures the safety and integrity of packaged goods. Besides that, metal detection systems can be utilized to provide compliance with food safety standards (GFSI, BRC, IFS), retailers’ code of practice, legislation and industry guidance. That is why our Candy Cartoner features integrated in-line metal detector.

Integrated In-Line Check Weigher

In order to ensure that the weight of a candy pack is within specified limits, TT-400 Candy Cartoner features an integrated in-line check weigher. Any packs that are outside the tolerance are taken out of line automatically.

Rejection System           

When you’re in the business of packaging and selling candy, it’s important not to have products hit the shelves with any defects. For instance, you don’t want a carton that contains less product than other cartons to end up in stores, nor do you want a carton that isn’t properly sealed to make it to casing and shipping, as this can cause spillage, product waste, and mess. This is why TT-400 features open flap detections and rejection system.



Part of being a good packaging machine manufacturer is acknowledging that every client is special. We see the client’s specific demands as a challenge and responding to that challenge is what makes us stronger and more experienced. So, if you are a candy manufacturer in search of a packaging solution, don’t hesitate to contact us!