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Nortech Packaging at WestPack 2018

We are proud to announce that our sister company, Nortech Packaging, will exhibit at this year’s WestPack show that will take place in Anaheim, CA, from 6th to 8th of February.

Nortech at WestPack

As companies devoted to innovations, we are always happy to introduce our latest accomplishments in the field of packaging equipment. You will get the chance to learn more about the utilization of robotics in the packaging industry, but that’s not all. This year we are bringing a special guest: The ROO – 100– the world’s new champion in flexible packaging! We believe that this pre-made pouch fill & seal machine will continue to gain a lot of interest, for several reasons:  with one touch changeovers, a wide range of bag sizes, decreased downtime and increased efficiency, the patent-pending ROO-100 is set to dominate the space.  Not to mention the very competitive price and small footprint.

Changeover for some pouch machines can take hours. With the ROO-100 you can change between pouch sizes in 30 seconds! Besides that, the ROO-100 is the smallest pouch machine on the market and also the most affordable pouch packaging solution. It can be built and integrated with a variety of options and systems according to your specific needs. We invested our knowledge, expertise and years of packaging machine manufacturing experience to build this solution and solve the three most important issues in the packaging industry: time, money and space.

Nortech at WestPack

With outdated packaging equipment, every second of downtime and every inch of wasted floor space cost our clients’ money. Our solution helps solve that and we are coming to West Pack to show it. So, whether you represent a large company, or you are a small start-up manufacturer, visit us at our booth number 5266 and let’s increase your efficiency!