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Maintenance Kits – The New Way of Efficient Machine Maintenance

Appropriate maintenance and spare parts and are an important element of plant capacity and operational reliability.  No facility can work at a high level of output with inconsistent and inefficient machine performance. Even with a reliable supply of functional spare parts, diagnosing the problem can take a while, which still costs companies time and money.

Unfortunately, the importance of spare parts and timely maintenance is still mostly overlooked.  But you don’t have to be one of those organizations that operate without implementing fundamental aspects of spare parts management at your site. Effective spare parts management and planned maintenance are essential in order to make a difference in the operational reliability.

We are aware that crossing over from reactive to predictive operating strategy isn’t always easy. Instead of fixing problems when they happen, you have to implicate a new set of rules, procedures, and standards in order to prevent problems before they arise. Unfortunately, not all companies have the infrastructure for this kind of change.

This is why Maintenance kits and Maintenance services are especially useful for companies that cannot afford to stock spare parts and manage inventory. Instead of this, all you have to do is construct a plan for timely maintenance, and perform the required steps according to your maintenance plan. Companies strive to cut costs and even though it might not seem that way, it is a more economical option to do machine maintenance once a year, than replacing one part after another as they wear out. Well planned machine maintenance and maintenance kits save you money in several ways:


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  1. Less Downtime

If you know what one hour of downtime costs your company, you can factor in lead times and determine the cost of an unexpected shutdown. If you compare that to the cost of machine maintenance, you can make an informed decision based on this analysis. Don’t forget that if you wait for the part to wear out, even if the supplier has the part in stock, delivering it to the site will typically cost you a minimum of 24 hours of unplanned downtime.

  1. Top Performance

Maintaining a machine on a regular basis ensures that the machine runs at its top performance. Running the machine with worn out parts results in inefficiencies and inconsistencies in performance and production becomes unreliable and unpredictable.

  1.   No maintenance overhead

When a machine starts to show signs of poor performance, it means more work for your maintenance staff. Time is wasted while the maintenance team is diagnosing and searching for the parts that have worn out and need to be replaced.

Looking up part numbers in the manual in order to get quotes also takes time and during that time, revenue opportunities are lost for your company.

So if you are tired of trying to chase down problems on your machines, you might want to consider a machine maintenance kit.

Tishma Technologies’ Maintenance Kits provide all the parts you will need to replace during machine maintenance.  This means minimal downtime to complete the rebuild and greater performance! As already stated, maintenance kits are also a more economical option than buying all of the parts individually.

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