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Impressions from Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas

We are back from Pack Expo in Las Vegas and we are full of impressions! In this case, the saying: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply. Quite contrary, we are eager to share the part of the atmosphere, and of course, some top trends we saw regarding packaging and equipment.

There is one thing in common to all these trends: they are mostly consumer-driven. It is the consumer and his desire for convenience that dictate changes in packaging equipment, package design, and materials.


Challenges of multi-channel distribution

Companies are turning to multi-channel distribution in order to achieve better access for the consumer whether it is online or in-store.

However, each channel requires different packaging. A wholesale warehouse requires larger case packs, a convenience store will require smaller, snack-sized packages for individual sale, packaging for e-commerce need extra protective packaging due to shipping.

Since it is no longer possible to completely standardize packaging, companies are turning to packaging equipment that is versatile, modular, and offers tool-free changeover. This is where we see our main opportunity: Tishma Technologies can provide you with packaging solutions built according to your needs, whether it is in-store packaging, packaging for e-commerce, shelf ready packaging or packaging suitable for wholesale.


Pouch – Packaging solution no 1 for snacks

Large companies are going back to simple, traditional bag types; pillow style bags and stick-packs. A simplified packaging process, above all, means costs savings and efficiency increases, which contributes to a larger bottom line.

Consumers also love this package format because it is lightweight, convenient, and it complements their on-the-go lifestyles. It’s no secret that people are snacking more. Flexible pouches are the answer for snack packaging. They are portable, lightweight, and cost-effective, and above all much more convenient for a busy consumer to enjoy on-the-go than a rigid container. This is why we chose RO 100 flexible packaging system to be our headliner. It is a cost-effective and compact sized packaging machine with compact footprints and fast changeover, up to every challenge of today’s market!

A picture says a 1000 words, so if you take a look at the video below you might grasp a part of this amazing event we were part of.