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Horizontal Cartoning: How servo controls work for you

Horizontal cartoning can be quite challenging, especially when a certain pack pattern is required. Some horizontal cartoners utilize tray-like product pockets where the products are placed and then a mechanism pushes the products from a tray into a carton. Each carton size requires a different tray, which means that changeover can take a significant amount of time. All those trays then need to be placed somewhere when they are not being used, which means sacrificing precious storage space. Maintenance and cleaning of all those trays can also be quite a hassle.

TI 600 with Flexo-Tray

If you can relate to these problems, you are probably using an outdated horizontal cartoner on your production floor. Outdated equipment, in the long run, costs you money, time and floor space. The greatest victims of outdated equipment are not your employees who need to do extra labor with setting up, changing-over and maintaining the machine. It’s not even your floor space that gets cluttered with unnecessary parts. The greatest victim here is your efficiency.

Being aware of the issue, we decided to bring back the efficiency in horizontal cartoning. After all, an automatic horizontal cartoner is only as effective as its product handling system.  Here, at Tishma, we developed a whole family of servo controlled product metering devices that cover a very broad range of applications. This way, horizontal cartoning can be fast and efficient, even with the most challenging applications. In this blog post, we are going to present four product metering devices we developed in order to provide you with the most efficient packaging solution. All of these devices are, or can be integrated with our TI-600 Horizontal Cartoner.


We developed Flexo-Tray to replace the outdated, fixed-size trays we mentioned above. In operation, Flexo-Tray article buckets, or trays, articulate. They expand and contract. At the product transfer points, the buckets are open wide. This offers a large transfer window, gentle product handling, and space for a variety of patterns. Then, as loaded buckets progress toward the carton, they contract, shaping, sizing, orienting and conditioning product in-line. This results in more efficient product transfer, less product damage, more pack pattern flexibility and more efficient carton loading. The 5 main advantages of Flexo-Tray we always like to emphasize are:

  1. Flexo-Tray handles a range of carton sizes

You may never change trays again! Flexo-Tray article buckets adjust up to 84 percent!

  1. Flexo-Tray allows easy changeover for trays

Changeover simply means dialing the tray width for your next article/carton combination. No tools, no time.

  1. Flexo-Tray reduces product damage

Trays open wide for efficient product transfer, then progressively and gently orient and condition product for optimum loading

  1. Flexo-Tray minimizes downtime

Changing trays takes valuable production time and not to mention cleanup and special storage. Not with Flexo-Tray.

  1. High Speed is not a problem with Flexo-Tray

There is no sacrifice in speed. Our TI 600 series cartoners featuring Flexo-Tray can achieve speeds up to 500 CPM

Flexo Tray Sequence of Operation

Flexo-Tray sequence of operation


The buckets open to their widest dimension for efficient transfer, gentle product handling and pack pattern flexibility


The buckets begin to contract, shaping and sizing bags, orienting and aligning pouches, slugs or other products in single or multiple counts


The buckets continue to contract. Articulation may be linear; a single motion, or phased; a series of opposing motions for products that require substantial conditioning.


Finally, the buckets adjust to the optimum width for efficient and gentle product loading. From product transfer to carton loading, the sequence is smooth, continuous and predictable.

So, not only will you reduce product damage and downtime, you’ll also save tray set adjustment, sanitation procedures, storage, labor, additional maintenance. You’re literally in full control.

For more efficient product loading and product handling, besides Flexo-Tray, we also developed SmartLoader, Smart-Flighter, and Sequential Transfer, all of which can be integrated with our TI 600 horizontal cartoner.


Two or more chambers stacked vertically, each with sliding gates. Single product loads are timed through the chambers into the article buckets passing below, or the lower chambers may be used to accumulate multiple counts. Transfer conveyors are available to feed bags from VF/F/S machines with either the narrow or the long dimension leading.


A vertically oriented starwheel which collates products such as cracker slugs extremely gently and with count and pack patterns flexibility. Twin Smart-Flighters are used for layering.

Sequential Transfer

Sequential Transfer is an extremely versatile system for collating products such as pouches, bags, and cartons in single or multiple layers. Packages may be collated and transferred lying flat or on the edge, and a variety of pack patterns are available.

TI 600 saves floor space

So don’t waste your precious time, money and floor space by utilizing an outdated packaging solution which only costs you money and time. A new packaging solution is an investment which in the long run can save you a lot of money and time. Get a quote on TI-600 or any other Tishma Technologies’ packaging solution and let’s increase your efficiency!