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CBD and Hemp Oil Packaging Tips: Make your cannabusiness grow!

CBD and Hemp oil have become staple products in many Americans lives due to the exponential growth of natural products and remedies combined with the skyrocketing cannabis industry. New “cannabusinesses” are emerging and they are out to conquer this freshly developed market. However, like in many growing industries, there are still some misconceptions and confusion about these products. So before we start talking about packaging and storage of these products, let’s shortly discuss differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil.

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is derived from the seeds of any type of cannabis plant. The seeds are pressed similarly to flax or sesame to produce the oil. The THC and CBD count of hemp oil is very low. Hemp oil is used as cooking oil and can be refined for high heat cooking. Hemp oil makes an incredible moisturizer and lotion so it has its use in the bathroom and bedroom as well. It also is commonly used as an ingredient in shampoo and soap.

It is also widely used for industrial applications. Hemp oil is recently being used to replace the petroleum used in plastic, making a renewable and biodegradable natural plastic. Similarly, it is used in the production of paints to have a more eco-friendly paint than the traditional petroleum-based paints.

Unlike Hemp Oil, which is pressed out of seeds, CBD Oil is extracted in many different ways – often resembling the same methods of THC extraction. CBD’s benefits cannot be discredited. Its anti-seizure and anti-epilepsy properties help alleviate the symptoms of multiple neurological disorders and neurodegenerative disorders in children and adults – often where traditional pharmaceuticals have little to no effect on the same conditions. Research and testimonials indicate CBD treatments to be effective in fighting some forms of cancer. CBD Oil is an effective anti-inflammatory andit has also been used, with great success, to treat anxiety and OCD disorders. Topically, it is a strong form of treatment for different skin afflictions including psoriasis and dermatitis. It can relieve many chronic forms of pain as both an ingestible and topical.

Briefly put: Hemp Oil is a food product, while CBD oil is more of a medical product. This is important both for consumers and cannabis oil manufacturers. Consumers need to know the difference, so they would know what they are looking for and what to expect from a certain product. This difference is also important for cannabis oil manufacturers, because of different regulations that apply to different industries.


What are the best ways for primary packaging of CBD oil?

Like other extracts, cannabis oils are usually made with cooking oils such as coconut or olive oil. Similar to coconut or olive oil, cannabis oils should be stored in glass bottles or other airtight containers and kept in a refrigerator.

Cannabis tinctures, on the other hand, are best stored in amber or blue dropper bottles, which should also be kept in a freezer or refrigerator. Stored properly they can last years or even decades. However, take note that alcohol extracts degrade at a slower pace than tinctures that use glycerin. By nature, tinctures last much longer than other kinds of concentrates especially when stored properly.

When it comes to the primary packaging of cannabis oil, the most important thing is to protect the product against light, heat, and air exposure, because they all play a part in the breakdown of natural cannabinoids like CBD.

Secondary Packaging?

Although the bottle protects from air and light you shouldn’t overlook the importance of secondary packaging, for several reasons. The Label on the oil bottle can hardly contain all the important info. Serialization codes might also be mandatory, depending on the type of your cannabis product and local regulations. Each pharma product must be accompanied by a leaflet with all the important data including the recommended dosage, contraindications, ingredients, etc.

Bottom line is that a carton that contains a hemp or CBD oil bottle is as important as the bottle itself – without it; your cannabis product cannot reach the shelves.

If you are a Hemp or CBD oil manufacturer you must have already invested your time and money to find the ideal primary packaging solution. Secondary packaging solution shouldn’t be an exception. A well-chosen packaging machine can increase your efficiency and save you hours of labor. CBD or Hemp oil bottles need to be handled carefully so as not to compromise the product. Leaflets need to be inserted into the carton without causing damage to the leaflet or packaging. Ideally, the entire process should be automated in order to save time and money. All these details must be taken into consideration when choosing a secondary packaging solution for bottled cannabis products.

So, if you are in a search for compact cartoning solution perfect for Hemp or CBD oil bottles, don’t forget to ask us for a quote!

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