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Cardboard Halloween – Tips for costumes and decorations

For an entire year, we are mostly focused on cartoners, case packers, tray packers, and robotics. We love our job, but we also love holidays, especially if they allow us to express our creativity and do something fun. And what’s more fun than Halloween? Who doesn’t enjoy costumes, spooky decorations, and candy? Halloween is also a very special time for us because this particular holiday has led to the first manual candy packaging solutions (learn more).

One of the most common Halloween dilemmas is: which costume should I pick? At Tishma Technologies we don’t have such problems, since we have plenty of material that can be used for really cool costumes and decorations. These costumes and decorations are easy to make and they are almost completely recyclable. So here are some ideas for Halloween inspired by various packaging solutions and formats.


Costume ideas by Tishma Technologies


  1. Robot

In order to make an appropriate cardboard robot costume, we decided to use packaging of various sizes. We got some cardboard cases utilized by our TI 1300 case packer and used them for the head and the body. Then we took some trays utilized by TI 1300 tray packer and used them as robots shoulder pads. For arms and legs we needed some long good packaging, so we borrowed a few cartons from TI 600 horizontal cartoner. For eyes and other switch buttons, we decided to use K-cups and Flip-top tubes. Other small details are made out of cartons we usually utilize to pack small pharma bottles, candy or gum. What do you think?


Packaging as Halloween inspiration by Tishma Technologies


  1. Knight

If you want to pull off a more ambitious look, you can try the knight costume. It requires some artwork, cutting and combining, but the result can be pretty impressive. As you can see, parts of larger cases are used for body armor, while the smaller ones are used for arm pads and helmet. Use lined carton for that extra metallic look! In the packaging industry we use glue or tape for closing the package, but here, instead of gluing the parts, we suggest to try lacing them together.


  1. Cardboard pumpkin decoration

Carving a real pumpkin requires a lot of work and skill for the full effect. A Cardboard pumpkin can be made with much less effort and without making a big mess, so making it can be something you can enjoy with your kids. Cut out the mouth and the eyes in any shape you like and then let the young ones do the artwork. If you intend to use it as a lantern, make sure to leave a hole at the top and place a candle inside a glass or a jar before placing it in a pumpkin.


Halloween decoration ideas by Tishma Technologies


  1. Goofy spiders and other decorations

Small cartons used for pharma or cosmetic packaging can also be used to make really awesome decorations. Combine the carton with some pipe cleaners, googly eyes and artwork to create these cool spiders. You can also do a bat or skull shaped cutout from any type of box and use it as a decoration. Another cool and simple idea is to use larger cardboard cases to make faux planks you will stick on your door or windows for a “haunted house” effect.

We hope that you enjoyed this little detour from our usual topics, and that these tips and tricks will make Halloween even more fun for you and your kids. Trick or treat!