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Candy is judged by its packaging

Are you considering a candy manufacturing business? One of your first investments should be a good packaging line. Yes, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we definitely tend to judge candy by its packaging, at least according to Nielsen’s 2016 study.

Today, packaging in the candy industry is much more than just a means for maintaining safety and hygiene. It is also an important marketing tool. A recent study conducted by Nielsen in 2016 gave the industry some important insights that manufacturers can apply to their packaging designs.

The study found that visuals of the product itself were among the top aspects of candy’s packaging that made an impression on the consumer, including the image of the product (51%) and a window that shows the actual product (49%), which beat out other common packaging design elements, such as logo or brand name (46%) and the color scheme of the package (41%).

candyIt is not easy to decide on a packaging design, but the ultimate goal remains: standing out from the competition and catching the consumer’s attention among other competing products. Keep it original, though! For example, yellow is a color that attracts consumers’ eye, but if two or three brands’ packaging feature the color yellow, then the color no longer distinguishes the brand, nor does it draw attention.

Sometimes accomplishing distinction means experimenting and bringing in innovations that have not yet been seen which could be with the packaging format, materials, colors or artwork. However, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that experimentation with packaging comes with a certain level of risk. It could cause consumer backlash for legacy brands, with consumers passing over the new packaging for other more visible varieties.

If your company pioneers a new packaging design trend, know that it won’t be long before that innovation turns into a trend that manufacturers will implement across the category, such as mini single-serve packaging, standup pouches, resealable packaging or shareable packs.

Secondary packaging can also indirectly help you to drive sales.  Appropriate and efficient packaging line makes shipping and stacking of candy much easier. On the other hand, well-chosen shelf-ready secondary packaging enables better identification of your product, easy shelf placement and easy extraction of product from the packaging by consumers.

Once you have a good packaging line, all you need is a sprinkle of innovation and success will taste as sweet as the candy you manufacture.