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Pharma Bottle Packaging: Important Aspects And Trends

You want your pharmaceutical plastic bottles and other items to provide: product protection, tamper resistance, security, high quality, patient protection, freedom of design, anti-counterfeit measures, low costs, durability, and endurance. In this blog post, we will discuss the most important aspects of pharmaceutical bottle packaging and some new trends.

The Future in a Glass Bottle: Packaging Machinery For Bottle Cartoning

The glass guarantees that the items inside a glass bottle keep their quality, smell, and flavor. Glass doesn’t react with the majority of the items stored in it, and besides that, it is nonporous and impermeable. If you want to maintain the taste, the health, and the environment, glass is a go-to packaging material.

Impacts of the Pandemic on the Packaging Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruption in many industries, and the packaging sector is no exception.

In this post, we will look into the critical short and long-term trends that may emerge from this disruption and how it might impact the future of the packaging sector.

Automated Vision Systems in Packaging Industry

Automated vision systems, also known as machine vision systems, provide image-based inspection for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Now, machines and robots can “see”!

There are ever-more applications for vision systems. The type of vision system most appropriate for a particular application depends on several factors: what you’re trying to inspect, the specific properties of your process or products, the speed of inspection, and the budget.

Intertape Polymer Group announces agreement to acquire Nortech Packaging

MONTREAL, QUEBEC and SARASOTA, FLORIDA – February 10, 2020 – Intertape Polymer Group Inc. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the operating assets of Nortech Packaging (“Nortech”) for cash consideration of approximately $36.5 million, subject to certain post-closing adjustments and potential earn-out consideration. All amounts are in US dollars.

Challenges in Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

One of the most widespread industries across the globe is the ever-evolving packaging industry. Packaging used to be a simple tool, but now it serves many purposes such as branding, quality control, safety, and security of the product. Developing the right packaging that will serve all required purposes can be particularly tricky in the pharmaceutical industry.

Trends and Impressions from Pack Expo 2019

Pack Expo 2019 has ended, and it is about time we wrap up our impressions. We got the chance to showcase our latest achievements in the field of packaging machinery, and we also got familiar with the latest industry trends!

The packaging industry is evolving, new technologies emerge, and these are the most exciting trends we noticed…

Our Latest Project: TT-60TG Tray Packer for Home Care Product Blisters

Recently, we had the chance to design and build a shelf-ready packaging machine for the product we are all familiar with: Glade Air Freshener plug-ins that are primarily packed in blister packs. Our task was to design and build a tray packer that will respond to all packaging needs the client specified.In the following lines, we will go through the machine’s features and explain how each of these features is useful when it comes to tray packaging.

Pack Expo 2019 Tishma Technologies

Nortech Packaging and Tishma Technologies are coming back to Las Vegas

We are continuing our tradition of showcasing our latest accomplishments in the field of packaging equipment on one of the largest events in the packaging industry – Pack Expo. Pack Expo will take place from 23rd to 25th of September in Las Vegas Convention Center, and Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging will be there, featuring their most wanted packaging solutions.

Challenges in e-commerce packaging

Challenges in E-commerce Packaging

The e-commerce market and its ever-expanding assortment of players made one of the biggest impacts on protective packaging in 2019.

According to the E-Commerce: Think Inside the Box report by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies states that product protection is the main issue in E-Commerce packaging. Growth in online purchasing drives changes from product design, to package changes, picking, fulfilling and shipping, and in this new scenario, a package’s ability to protect the product against breakage becomes it’s most vital function.

TT 400 Top Load Cartoning Machine

Our Latest Project: TT-400 Vertical Cartoner for Candy

Just Born is the ninth largest candy company in the country, and naturally, we were more than happy to design and build a packaging machine for such a big name. Our task was to design and build high-speed vertical cartoner for Mike and Ike candy that will respond to all packaging needs client specified.

Packaging solution we built can handle over 600 cartons per minute and responds to all packaging challenges our client is facing. In this post, we will go through the machine’s features and explain how each of these features is useful when it comes to candy packaging.

Future of the packaging industry

Looking into the future of The Packaging Industry market

One of the main challenges in any industry is trying to predict any future development and market growth based on the current market situation and trends. As a company that constantly strives to keep in touch with and be a part of leading market trends, Tishma Technologies is here to share with our readers some of the main factors and trends that are influencing the packaging industry’s future development.

5 Reasons To Choose An Integrated Packaging System

Due to the ever-changing economy, increasing competition and oversaturated markets, manufacturers are trying to achieve savings wherever they can, sometimes without realizing that those “savings” cost much more in the long run. Sometimes, a larger investment can spare the business from various expenses in the future.

That is why we decided to list these 5 reasons to invest in an integrated packaging system.


West Pack Report 2019 - New trends and challenges in the packaging industry

West Pack 2019 Conference and Expo lasted from 5th to 7th of February at the Anaheim, and we were among the exhibitors.

We got the chance to showcase our most wanted packaging solution, the ROO-100 Pre-Made Pouch Fill & Seal machine, to discuss the packaging needs and requirements with our potential clients, and to learn more about industry’s sustainability perceptions, trends, and challenges.

Packaging Trends In 2019

5 Top Trends In Packaging Industry For 2019

What awaits us in the year ahead? What are the main challenges in the packaging industry for 2019? The future of cannabis packaging, the rise of ‘equipment on demand’, and packaging designed for social sharing are just a few of the trends we expect to see more of in 2019.
Here are 5 top trends to watch:

Selecting the right Case Packer: Six Important Factors

There are many styles of case packers available for today’s operations including top-load, wrap-around, robotic, side load and bottom load packers. The need for a new packer may be driven by higher line speeds, efficiency initiatives, or new packaging requirements. On the other hand, it may simply be to replace an aging, high maintenance machine. Regardless of reasons, if you are in a search for a new case packer for your business, these are the factors you should consider before making a decision.


Rising popularity of integrated packaging systems

Demand for fully automated end-of-line packaging machinery is driven by the need to modernize manufacturing facilities and to increase throughput and operability of machines. These needs are recognized by various end-of-line packaging solution providers that are integrating automation, including Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging.

Packaging trends and impressions from Pack Expo 2018

Pack Expo 2018 is over, and once again, we are pleased to know that Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging are companies that are in step with the trends in the packaging industry! After a short, but well-deserved rest we are back and ready to share a few trends we noticed at the show!


New Carton / Case Size?

Many of our clients are being very active in trying new packaging ideas to stand out from the competition. These new ideas mostly include new carton sizes to either accommodate new artwork or new product configurations. New carton size often demands acquiring new changeover parts for the machine or some kind of upgrade or modification.

Saving floor space: Less is more!

One of the most important demands is the effort to increase factory efficiency by reducing the overall footprint of facilities, also known as miniaturization. These efficiencies are achieved by primarily focusing on one thing – the overall size of the machines being used. There are two main factors that drive the need for smaller machines…

Tishma Technologies Expands Its Exhibit At Pack Expo 2018

Pack Expo is one of the largest and most important events in the packaging industry and Tishma Technologies is using this opportunity to exhibit its most recent machine developments. This year we will feature FOUR new machines designed to increase your efficiency!

Spare Part Identification? No longer an issue!

When the machine is down, our clients have to react immediately, because every minute of downtime counts. We noticed that spare part identification can sometimes be troublesome, and we decided to address that issue. Downtime is stressful and frustrating and it is our goal for a machine to be up and running again in the shortest amount of time.

Is it time for cartoning automation?

Crossing over from manual to automated packaging can really seem like a big challenge for new and small businesses. On the other hand, avoiding this change can cost your business even more in the long run. So, should the packaging automation be the next step for your product and business? Here are three basic steps that should help you to find the answer.

Top 3 Trends in Cartoning Equipment

Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company,has issued a new report on the global cartoning equipment market. This newest market research on the global cartoning equipment market is giving us insight on the most important trends that will have an impact on the cartoning equipment market in next few years.

Tishma Maintenance Kits

Maintenance Kits – The New Way of Efficient Machine Maintenance

Maintenance kits and Maintenance services are especially useful for companies that cannot afford to stock spare parts and manage inventory. Instead of this, all you have to do is plan for timely maintenance, and perform the required steps according to your maintenance plan.

CBD and Hemp Oil Packaging Tips: Make your cannabusiness grow!

CBD and Hemp oil have become staple products in many Americans lives due to exponential growth of natural products and remedies combined with the skyrocketing cannabis industry. New “cannabusinesses” are emerging and they are out to conquer this freshly developed market.

pack your spares tishma technologies

3 Advices for better spare part management

Foundation for a reliable packaging operation is practical spare part management.  A good plant manager has to determine which spare parts are needed in order to create an effective and comprehensive inventory system and establish a strategic method that will adequately manage the movement and storage of inventory.

Off To West Pack

Off to West Pack!

West Pack starts tomorrow and we are quite excited! For us, trade shows are an effective mean of spreading brand awareness, showcasing our latest innovations in front of a target audience and, of course, meeting with current or potential clients…


Horizontal Cartoning: How servo controls work for you

Outdated equipment in the long run costs you money, time and floor space. The greatest victims of outdated equipment are not your employees who need to do extra labor with setting up, changing-over and maintaining the machine. It’s not even your floor space that get’s cluttered with unnecessary parts. The greatest victim here is your efficiency.

Nortech at WestPack

Nortech Packaging at WestPack 2018

We are proud to announce that our sister company, Nortech Packaging, will exhibit at this year’s WestPack show that will take place in Anaheim, CA, from 6th to 8th of February. As a company devoted to innovations, we are always happy to introduce our latest accomplishments in the field of packaging equipment…


Bottles and jars packaging

Every product has its own characteristics that need to be taken into account when building a packaging solution.Some products need careful handling, others require specific packaging solutions. In this blog post we are going to address the topic of bottle and jar secondary packaging solutions. Bottles and jars are used in variety of industries, but mostly in the food and beverage and pharma industry.

You got the quote, now what?

Getting multiple quotes allows you to review and compare packaging equipment manufacturers and evaluate each proposal. We are aware that most potential clients almost immediately flip to the price. In many cases, the price alone can make or break the quote, regardless of the information on the other pages. However, basing a purchasing decision solely on price can be a mistake that can cost you more than you think.


All About Pre-made Pouch Packaging

Modern, fast-paced world is all about convenience. That is why the use of flexible plastic pouches is a continuing prominent trend in product packaging. Large companies are turning to simple, traditional bag types; pillow style bags and stick-packs. A simplified packaging process, above all, means costs savings and efficiency increases, which contributes to a larger bottom line.

Natural & Organic Cosmietics packaging

Natural And Organic Cosmetics: 8 Packaging Tips

We are all tempted by gorgeous packaging; after all, that is why we chose to develop packaging solutions. We said it many times: packaging matters, since it is the first impression your products makes. New brands of organic products are emerging rapidly so we wanted to share with you 7 tips that will help you choose packaging for your skin care products.

Finding the right measure: Tips on measuring packaging efficiency

How can you reach maximum efficiency with your cartoner, tray packer, case packer or palletizer? To achieve improvements in packaging line efficiency you need to understand your current line performance and necessary adjustments. These 3 steps will put you on the right track. Follow them and find the improvements that can save valuable time and money and increase efficiency across your entire line.

5 Tips for Good Packaging Machine Maintenance

Maintenance of cartonerscase and tray packers and other packaging equipment is crucial for its longevity and performance. The right maintenance plan, good inventory of spare parts, and timely upgrades combined with manufacturer’s support will provide you with a winning formula. Even companies with minimal dedicated maintenance staff can accomplish these benefits by utilizing proper maintenance practices.

Costume ideas by Tishma Technologies

Cardboard Halloween – Tips for costumes and decorations

One of the most common Halloween dilemmas is: which costume should I pick? At Tishma Technologies we don’t have such problems, since we have plenty of material that can be used for really cool costumes and decorations. These costumes and decorations are easy to make and they are almost completely recyclable. So here are some ideas for Halloween inspired by various packaging solutions and formats.

4 tips on organic packaging

Tips on Organic Food Packaging

We all witnessed the tremendous growth of the organic food marketin the last few years. Increase in demand for organic products encouraged big food companies to incorporate organic and all-natural items into their product lines.Increase in demand also encouraged individuals to start their own, small organic food production. Investing in the right cartoner, case packer or palletizer is especially important for organic food manufacturers for several reasons.

Power Saving By Tishma Technologies

Packaging lines and energy efficiency

How much of the electrical energy you pay for each month is actually used to power your cartoners, palletizers, case packers and other industrial and packaging lines? Did you know it could be less than half, with the majority of energy leaking through air compressors, outdated equipment and other energy hogs?


Impressions from Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas

We are back from Pack Expo in Las Vegas and we are full of impressions! In this case, the saying: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply. Quite contrary, we are eager to share the part of the atmosphere, and of course, some top trends we saw regarding packaging and equipment.

Tips on Increasing Packaging Automation Uptime

It is every manager’s goal to increase the efficiency of certain processes. One of the ways to increase efficiency is to maximize the automation processes and minimize downtime.

Packaging tips for Start-ups

There is more to good packaging than just visual appeal; a package tells the story of your product.
So, what do you want to say with your packaging? We have prepared 5 key packaging tips to help you win the attention of a target audience and make a long lasting impression.

Benefits of serialization by Tishma Technology

Serialization and Packaging – New Requirements for Pharma Industry

Concerns for drug integrity are rising and at the moment, over 40 countries have introduced track-and-trace laws in order to follow the product through the supply chain. It is expected that by 2019, these laws will apply to 75% of the world’s prescription medications. Requirements are different depending on a country, but they all rely on one key aspect: Serialization.

Labels matter: Choosing the right packaging and labeling system

Packaging and labeling go hand in hand. You can invest in the most advanced cartoner, tray packer, case packer or palletizer, but if you overlook the importance of proper labeling, you might end up with a problem. There are five conditions a label must fulfill before the product is placed on the shelves…

Packaging Machine Safety: Keep it safe and productive

Safety in the packaging industry used to be a relatively simple matter, a matter of a few requirements and simple maintenance. However, this is changing rapidly. Consumers keep demanding new product choices and packaging styles. Therefore, the packaging industry is requiring modular packaging systems -cartoners, case and tray packers and palletizers with higher speeds, faster change overs and reduced downtime.

Packaging Industry and Ergonomics: How to avoid injuries

In the packaging industry,we focus on packaging solutions. We focus on cartoners, case packers, tray packers and palletizers. We focus on protecting the product, but we shouldn’t overlook the importance of protecting the workers as well.

Tishma Technologies on Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017

We are proud to announce that Tishma Technologies will exhibit on this year’s Pack Expo that will take place in Las Vegas, from 25th to 27th of September.

8 Steps to follow when buying a new packaging machine

Purchasing a new packaging machine can be one of the most serious, but also one of the most exciting and fulfilling investments you can make. Since we prefer to think of ourselves as a trusting partner, we want to make sure that you will make the right investment. So here’s the 8 advices you should follow when you consider buying a new packaging machine.

Something Old, Something New: New VS Refurbished Packaging Machines

Let’s talk about money: New packaging machine is a serious investment! The financial department tries to cut costs, production department insists on new equipment and it is up to you to make a decision: should we purchase a new or a refurbished machine? Price is always the main factor in all “old vs new” dilemmas, but you need to consider other factors in order to make the right packaging investment.

Top 9 Modules For Your Packaging Line

In our previous blog post we wrote about the main principles and advantages of modular design in the packaging industry. In this post, we will go through the most common modular add-ons that can make your packaging process much faster, efficient and cost effective. So, without further ado, we present to you our top 9 modular enhancements for your packaging line.

Think Packaging - Think Modular!

Modular is the new black, at least it seems to be the case when it comes to the manufacturing of packaging equipment. If you consider implementing new packaging equipment, our advice is: Think modular and find the manufacturer that can develop a solution that will put to use all of the following advantages of modular design.

How to choose the right robot: 12 important parameters explained

The communication between engineers and their clients is crucial, which is why we always try to inform and educate our clients, so that they can make the right choice. There is a quite a number of parameters used to describe the features and possibilities of a robot and here are the most important ones.

Robots - lending us a hand since 1937

Typical applications of robots include welding, painting, assembly, pick and place for printed circuit boards, packaging and labeling, palletizing, depalletizing, product inspection, and testing; all accomplished with high endurance, speed, and precision.  According to the World Robotics 2016 conducted by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) study, there were around  1,631,600 functional industrial robots by the end of 2015.

What is the future of coffee pods?

The portioned coffee segment is very dynamic and fastest developing segment of the worldwide coffee market. According to Nielsen data from June 2013, the portioned coffee category continues to grow both in terms of volume and value (5.6 per cent volume, 16.5 percent value across 26 markets.).

What can we learn from K-cups?

The most popular K-Cup packaging application is, definitely, as a single-serve coffee container for coffee brewing. If you decided to join many brands that utilize K-Cups, you made a wise decision, since today,  many homes and offices have K-Cup machines for individual serving size and flavors.

Palette of pallet use

In the world of packaging, simpler answers are usually the best. Take a pallet for an example. The pallet is a relatively plain flat structure used as a base for the unitization of the products in the supply chain. The MH1-2016 standard defines the pallet as a “portable, horizontal, rigid, composite platform used as a base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling and transporting goods as a unit load; often equipped with a superstructure.”

When the Army sets the standards – History of pallet use

Pallets and pallet handling emerged in the 20th Century, representing one of the most important logistics tools. Over the past century pallets continued to evolve, therefore enabling the growth of modern logistics. Utilization of pallets allows for significant efficiency improvements in the handling and transport of unit loads instead of loose stacking of goods.

From Top Hat to a Case

When you hear the term “cardboard box”, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Do you recall the last time when you helped a friend move to a new place? Or your does your mind wonders off to the excitement of opening the last order you made on Amazon? Cardboard boxes became a symbol of change, transport, efficiency and protection.

Right solution in every case

Do you believe in magic? We do, and we believe that true magic lies in the powerful simplicity of everyday objects. Take for instance a cardboard box, or a case. One case can contain 24 cans of food, 4 gallon jugs, 15 bottles of soda, 12 bottles of wine or 10 video tapes. Case can be big enough to accommodate a dram or a hectare and small enough to cover a milligram. Isn’t that magical?

Love Thy Trader –Retailers perspective on Shelf-Ready Packaging

In our previous post, we explored what makes good shelf-ready packaging (SRP), and how it affects consumers and retailers. We mentioned five requirements necessary for packaging to be considered shelf ready: easy identification, easy open, easy dispose, easy shelf and easy shop.

Efficiency served on a Tray

Did you know that well chosen secondary packaging can help you increase your revenue up to 35%? Besides that, good secondary packaging can make in-store logistics more efficient and economic, causing even your resellers to embrace and support your product. The Secret lies behind three simple letters: SRP, which is short for shelf-ready packaging.

Candy is judged by its packaging

Are you considering a candy manufacturing business? One of your first investments should be a good packaging line. Yes, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we definitely tend to judge candy by its packaging, at least according to Nielsen’s 2016 study.

From glass jars to branded packaging – History of candy wrapping

Packaging preserves candy aroma and flavor and eases shipping and dispensation. Today, packaging in candy industry is not just a mean for maintaining safety and hygiene – it is also an important marketing weasel.Cellophane is valued by packagers for its transparency, which is one of the most important features of a candy packaging according to Nielsen’s 2016. study.

FCE Pharma Expo 2017 with Tishma Technologies & Sesimbra

FCE Pharma is the main marketing, communications and sales platform for the pharmaceutical industry. The show plays a fundamental role in the industry’s growth. In addition to bringing together launches, trends, new technology for the pharmaceutical industry, products and services.

4 Lessons from Japan

In our previous posts we had touched on the topic of Japan and Japanese innovative packaging design. One of the most popular single-portion packaging designs, the Stick Pack, originates from Japan. The simplicity and elegance of this innovation leads us towards asking what else we can learn from our colleagues living the Country of The Rising Sun.

Stick Out with Stick Pack

The story of stick packs began around 40 years ago when a Japanese machinery manufacturer launched a vertical sachet called a Stick. Since then, stick packs have become popular in Europe and have finally made their way to the United States, changing the way we utilize single portioned products. Due to its low cost the first stick packed product was sugar.


Nortech acquisition

Nortech, Inc. acquires Tishma Innovations

Nortech, Inc., a Chicago based automation and controls solutions leader, has announced it has acquired the assets of Tishma Innovations, a leading single-source provider of cartoning, case packing and specialty packaging machines.
The addition of Tishma is intended to expand Nortech’s footprint in the growing food, pharmaceutical, confection and contract packaging markets and advances its capabilities as an integrated solutions provider capable of providing full End of Line solutions.