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8 Steps to follow when buying a new packaging machine

Purchasing a new packaging machine, whether it’s a cartoner, case and tray packer or palletizer, it can be one of the most serious, but also one of the most exciting and fulfilling investments you can make. Of course, as with any investment, it is wise to educate yourself on both the recommended strategies and common stepping stones. Since we prefer to think of ourselves as a trusting partner, rather than the mere packaging machine manufacturers, we want to make sure that you will make the right investment. So here are the 8 pieces of advice that you should follow while considering a new packaging machine purchase.

  1. Research Online, Purchase Offline.


Let’s get right to the point. Regardless of the price, a bad decision is an expensive decision. There is no doubt that online research is definitely one of the most important steps when making a choice. Use the internet to educate yourself. Learn about new modular features of packaging machines and packaging techniques that may interest you in the future. Arming yourself with all the right facts can save you hours of time and miles of travel. Narrow your packaging machine choice down to two or three manufacturers and models that could meet your requirements. Rather than spending a little time in communication with many manufacturers, take your time and get all the important information from the few manufacturers you contacted.


  1. Be a Value Shopper – Not a Price Shopper


If you are too set on the right price, you might end up with the wrong machine. If you have to stay within a specific price range, ask about certain modular add-ons you can purchase later. This will allow you to move up in features as your business and budget grow, without losing a big part of your initial investment. A good packaging machine manufacturer should provide a way for you to upgrade your equipment. Some manufacturers hold their value better than others.

  1. Ask About Warranty and Services

There is nothing more satisfying than getting the packaging machine that suits you at the best possible price, but you also need to check can the manufacturer you chose provide you with spare parts, satisfactory warranty and servicing of the machine. With investments as big and as important as buying a new machine, it’s the little differences that can make you change your decision.


  1. Expect and Embrace Training


We know that you are an expert in your field, but do not assume that you can skip the education or support on your new machine. The more sophisticated the packaging solution is, the more valuable a well-educated support team will be. Learning by trial and error is expensive, it lasts longer and it is completely unacceptable in the business world. On the other hand, proper training can help you to explore new possibilities and find the best way of utilizing your new packaging machine.

  1. Try Before You Buy


A good demonstration and testing are mandatory! Even a tailor-made machine may appear to have all of the features you are asked for when you are watching it perform, but you may not notice the subtle adjustments being made by the demonstrator. Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors. Ask to see the machine working with a variety of products and packaging types, utilizing all the features you required.


  1. Allow Yourself Room to Grow


Avoid the expense of outgrowing the machine too quickly, and anticipate your development. Even though you may not have thoroughly explored all the future options, purchase a machine that allows you room to grow. Your business might not be so big today, but you may find that with a solid packaging line you can try out the packaging types that would be out of the question with your current equipment. Even if you have only a minor interest in expanding your product line, ask about the ability to add the features that will allow you to pack your potentially new product in the future. Some features can be added as an after-purchase, while some will require an entire change of models.



  1. Trust Your Instincts


If you took a quote from a few manufacturers for a similar packaging solution and realized that the prices are similar as well, the deciding factor should be, “Which manufacturer seems more appealing? Who is the most suitable for a long-term relationship?” After all, you are not just purchasing a packaging machine, you are investing in an entire packaging environment. Make your purchase where you feel at home. Will you be at ease contacting the manufacturer and asking for help? Is technical help readily available?


  1. Always Consider a Manufacturer’s Reputation


How committed is the manufacturer to you as a client in general? Is their business model designed to make the initial sale with a focus on building a long-term relationship, or do they assume they won’t be seeing or hearing from you in a while? Do they offer a full line of products and services that support your business? Are they structured as a onetime stop for acquiring the machine, or as a potential lifelong partner in all your packaging endeavors?

We won’t tell you that Tishma Technologies should be your first choice. Just follow these steps. We look forward to cooperating with you.