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5 Top Trends In Packaging Industry For 2019

What awaits us in the year ahead? What are the main challenges in the packaging industry for 2019? The future of cannabis packaging, the rise of ‘equipment on demand’, and packaging designed for social sharing are just a few of the trends we expect to see more of in 2019.

Here are 5 top trends to watch:



Packaging Trends In 2019

1. Shareable packaging experience

Consumers today are buying an experience, not just a product. This experience is something they often share with their online followers. Since professional online influencers often feature products on their blogs and social media feeds, a lot of companies are seeing the value in these marketing channels and are creating packaging with social sharing in mind. It’s not enough for the product to be satisfying; the packaging has to be amazing as well.

2. Cannabis Packaging in 2019.

There are several issues when it comes to cannabis packaging. Packaging must be easy to open for the ill and elderly, but it also has to be child-resistant. Multi-use packages are supposed to be easy to reseal, but they must not run the risk of being opened and consumed by unintended parties. Some of the usual requirements are also opacity and tamper-evident packaging.

PACKAGING WORLD reports that while marijuana packaging design and storefronts are usually flashy and on the forefront of technology, packaging processes are lagging behind. Packaging tasks are often performed using expensive and inefficient manual labor. Cannabis producers are slowly starting to see the need for packaging automation that will help them to increase their throughput, keep up with demand, and decrease their labor costs.

One other cannabis industry issue is the fact that cannabis is not legal in all US states.

That is the reason why many banks will not finance cannabis ventures. Entire supply chains must often exist in a single location because shipping cannabis across state lines is currently illegal.

We cannot know for sure what the future of legal cannabis is, but the market will probably continue to grow, which will lead to innovations regarding cannabis packaging formats and processes.


3. Fast, Faster, Fastest

Manufacturers and contract packagers are expected to bring products to market as fast as possible, to meet the near instant demand of their clients. This means that slow, outdated packaging processes must be replaced with high-speed packaging automation.


High Speed Packaging

4. Packaging Equipment on Demand

We live in a world where products and services are increasingly desired on demand. The packaging equipment industry is certainly no exception.

When a company makes a decision to purchase a new packaging automation system, waiting many months for a new packaging machine to be manufactured, configured, and delivered just isn’t a viable solution.

That’s why many packaging machine manufacturers, including Nortech/Tishma tries to build stock machines when possible – to improve delivery time.

5. Less Is More

Due to a healthy economy and low unemployment, it is getting difficult to recruit highly-skilled laborers to operate complex packaging machinery. Instead, packaging equipment manufacturers are expected to deliver systems that are easy to learn, simple to operate, and require minimal technical skill to troubleshoot.

Additionally, manufacturers want machinery that occupies less floor space to maximize their profit per square foot, especially in urban areas and coastal cities where real estate is at a premium.

Minimalism is winning even when it comes to package design itself. Consumers are facing thousands of things competing for their attention on a constant basis. They don’t want to feel bombarded with ‘busy’ packaging when they go shopping and they don’t want to read a wall of text. Using minimalist package design, top CPG companies are making it quick and easy for consumers to find their product, understand what it does, pick it up, and make their buying decision.

Compact Packaging Solutions

So, in order to be ready for any packaging challenge the following year might bring, arm yourself with the best packaging equipment! Tishma Technologies’ cartoners, case packers, tray packers, and palletizers are the right tools for the job!