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5 Reasons To Choose An Integrated Packaging System

Integrated packaging systems allow manufacturers to fully automate the entire packaging process, from primary packaging of their goods to shelf-ready packaging and shipping packaging. In other words, integrated systems provide complete packaging automation: from raw product to a pallet ready for shipping. Integrated packaging system usually consists of several packaging machines and modules, all connected in one packaging line that is in charge of all packaging processes: cartoning, code printing, tray packing, case packing, labeling and palletizing. This kind of system offers many benefits, but many manufacturers, especially new and small business are often discouraged by the size of the investment necessary to provide their business with this kind of solution.

Due to the ever-changing economy, increasing competition and oversaturated markets, manufacturers are trying to achieve savings wherever they can, sometimes without realizing that those “savings” cost much more in the long run. Sometimes, a larger investment can spare the business from various expenses in the future.

That is why we decided to list these 5 reasons to invest in an integrated packaging system.


1. Initial price and future savings

As any manufacturing business grows, at some time it reaches a point where automation is inevitable. At that point, you might decide to automate one part of a packaging process, while keeping the other processes manual, so you invest in one packaging machine which seems like the best solution at the moment. As time passes, you decide to automate another part of the process, so you invest in a second machine. Eventually, you end up with several different machines that seemed like the best solutions at the time, but altogether, it was a much bigger investment than it would have been if you on an integrated packaging system in the first place. Cartoners, case packers, and palletizers are more expensive when acquired separately. Packaging machine manufacturers often offer some kind of a deal, or a discount if you are making a one-time investment in an integrated system that consists of three or four packaging machines.

2. Floor space and modular design

Floor space is precious, and you want to use it in the most economical manner. Imagine the scenario where you need to move your production to a bigger facility because you don’t have enough space for all the necessary equipment you acquired over the years. That is a scenario you want to avoid. Tailor-made, custom systems are a more viable solution. Due to their modular design, they can fit in small and unusual spaces in the production facility, and they are built according to your floor-plan in order to maximize space saving.

3. Compatibility

If you acquire your packaging equipment from different manufacturers at different time periods, you may end up with three or four packaging machines that are completely incompatible and that cannot easily be integrated into one packaging line. Integration of different machines may require additional equipment like various conveyors and robotics, which present an additional cost. If the machines cannot be integrated due to various reasons then products need to be moved from one machine to another manually which slows down the entire process and presents an additional task for your staff. All these hassles can be eliminated by investing in an integrated packaging system.

4. Avoid high labor costs

Some of the main challenges for manufacturing industries are high labor costs and the lack of skilled labor. Employers are trying to eliminate the need to constantly find and train a new workforce and integrated packaging systems allow them to do that. With an integrated packaging system, you can allocate an available workforce to more value-adding tasks, which results in reducing labor turnover through improved workplace conditions. This will also decrease the risk of repetitive-motion injuries in your employees and all the expenses that come with these injuries.

5. Maintenance and service

If you invest in an integrated packaging solution from a single packaging machine manufacturer, you are forming a long term partnership with one company that will be responsible for all repairs, spare parts, maintenance and servicing of the packaging line. This is more convenient than having to deal with three or four different manufacturers, each with their own set of services.

This way, one reliable partner is taking care of all your packaging needs and making sure that all your equipment is compatible and working.

Tishma Technologies can be that partner. Lower your costs, increase your efficiency and become one of many companies that utilize the full potential of Tishma Technologies. If you are ready to invest in the best, most economical and highly efficient packaging solutions, contact us and get a quote!