Whether top load or side load Tishma has the right machine for your package type


Pharma products

Blister packs are often used as unit-dose packaging tablets, capsules or lozenges. They provide the assurance of product/packaging integrity (including shelf-life) of each individual dose. You can also create a compliance pack or calendar pack by printing the days of the week above each dose. Blisters are secondarily packed in cardboard boxes with a help of our TI-50 vertical cartoning system.

Non-Liquid pouch

Non Liquid free floating goods are usually packed in pre-made pouches with diverse shapes, sizes, formats and functions. Tishma Technologie’s ROO-100 pre-made pouch fill & seal machine is the right solution for primary packaging of your non liquid goods, and our vertical cartoners can provide you with economic secondary packaging.


Bag in a Box

Cereals and other snack products require double protection during shipping and stacking. Product must remain fresh which is usually accomplished with an airtight bag, while the box protects it from crushing. For Bag-in Box solution make sure to check out out TI-600 packaging system.



Most popular K-Cup packaging application is definitely as a single-serve coffee container for coffee brewing. The most important requirement for K-Cup machines is being able to handle the cups coming in, top –up, at a very high rate of speed. Good K-Cup packaging system can also invert every-other cup, so they interleave and minimize space usage in the box. For a K-cup packaging solution, check out our TI-100 packaging machine.

Candy packaging

Candy comes in many delicious forms of packaging, and whether it is a carton, pouch, stick pack, or four side sachet, Tishma Technologies has the right packaging solution for you. Learn more about our TI-100 and TI-400 cartoning machines, suitable for packaging delicious treats.


Flip Top Tube

With flip-top caps for laminate tubes, also referred to as hinged caps, consumers always have the tube cap exactly where they need it. Flip-top tubes are used for candies, snacks, toothpaste, effervescent tablets and various other products. For flip-top tube secondary packaging solutions, check out our TI-50 and TI-600 packaging machines.



Bottles can have different types of containers and closures: Pharmaceutical bottles, PET bottles, eye droppers, nasal sprays, nebulizers. These bottles are also used for food packaging: chewing gums, candies etc… They provide oxygen and moisture barriers that protect the product. For bottle packaging solution, read more about Tishma Technologies’ TI-50 packaging solution.

Stick packs

Stick packs usually contain beverages, confectionary, coffee, spices, sauces, nutraceuticals, baby formula etc. Stick pack is a very economical and efficient form of food packaging and Tishma Technologies offers various cartoners, including models TI-50 and TI-60 to receive your packs in any count and provide you your required pack counts (in any count) in the finished cartons.


Four sided sachet

The most common applications are for powdered, granular or liquid products. This kind of sachet is suitable for ‘flat’ packs. More bulky products are packed in other packaging forms. For efficient shipping and stacking, depending on the product, you can choose from some of our horizontal or vertical packaging solutions.

Lined Carton

Many products, such is cereal, pasta, rice and various powders demand multi-layer protection. That is where a Lined Carton comes in, since Lined Carton packaging integrates several types of protection: product remains fresh and is protected from crushing or spilling. For Lined Carton packaging solutions read more about Tishma’s TI 400 packaging system.

Shelf ready packaging

There are five requirements necessary for packaging to be considered shelf ready: easy identification, easy open, easy dispose, easy shelf and easy shop. Well designed shelf ready packaging can communicate as well, enhancing shopping experience, but also helping retailers decrease their expenses. Most SRP solutions are made of corrugated cardboard and typically consist of a tray and a cover. For good SRP solution check out Tishma Technologies’ TI 1300 case & tray packaging system.