Tishma Technologies Case

Compact and Efficient Case Packing Machine

As a natural extension to our product line, and to offer our customers complete turnkey solutions, we developed TT-1300 Case Packers. Our case packers provide flexible collation systems and high-speed product handling for top load case formats.

Case Packer TT-1200T by Tishma Technologies


Applications: Top Load Case Packer, boxes, pouches, cans

TT 1200 is one of our most compact case packers. This small case packer features flexible speeds, multiple pack orientations and low case loading height.


Applications: Side-Load Case Packer, cartons, boxes, pouches

TT-1300 Case Packer provide flexible collation systems, high speed product handling, and case formats of side-load, top and bottom load and wrap-around.


TT-1400L Vertical Case Loading Module

TT-1400L is a vertical case loading module that can be easily integrated into any packaging line. TT-1400L features flexible speeds, compact overall footprint and it can reach speeds up to 20 indexes per minute.