Compact motion horizontal cartoner suitable for multi-packing applications.

100 cartons per minute for multi-packing applications.
TT-60 features stainless steel frames, powered carton magazines, rotary carton erectors, fixed size or adjustable conveyors, or PLC controls with self-diagnostics. A wide assortment of options include embossers, inprinters, leaflet placers, and servo controlled product handling devices. The TT-60 can collate products, and load them into a carton, or a displaypack. Applications include pouches, blister packs, carded items, and numerous others.

TT-60 Horizontal Cartoner Specification

Type Side Load Cartoner
Design Intermittent motion, small footprint, stainless steel construction, quick changeover, easy maintenance, right or left hand machine configuration
Filling options Hand load, robotic loading, and customized collating infeed options. Can be integrated with wrappers, thermoformers, pouchmakers, etc.
Carton closing options Hot or cold glue, all tuck style cartons, all custom shaped configurations & closing
Versatility Multiple size, product, and carton style capability such as standard carton sizes, display packs, and numerous others
Speed Up to 100 cartons per minute
Durability Designed for 24/7 operation
Safety Machine guarding with hinged stainless steel framed polycarbonate panels with latches and interlock safety switches
Options Leaflet feeders, laser or inkjet printers, labelers, tamper evidence, embossers, washdown construction, imperial or metric construction
Turnkey systems
Innovative engineering
In house manufacture & design


TT-60 is built for intermittent motion and it can reach speeds up to 100 cartons per minute. This versatile cartoner can handle various package sizes, products and carton styles. It is ideal for standard carton sizes, display packs and numerous others. TT-60 is available with different options for carton filling, carton closing and labeling. Check the specification table for more details.

TT-60 is designed for 24/7 operation and the changeover is quick and easy. That means downtime is no longer an issue! TT-60 is compact, with small footprints so it also saves your floor space. Its wash-down construction allows easy maintenance. Machine safety is ensured with hinged stainless steel framed polycarbonate panels with latches and interlock safety switches.


  • Blister packs
  • Pouches
  • Carded items
  • Candy Stick
  • Frozen
  • Stick


  • Tubes
  • Frozen Food
  • Stick Packs
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