Advanced vertical cartoner featuring the high-speed ultratrack or memory track for computer scales.

TT 400 is a continuous motion vertical cartoner that can reach speeds of up to 750 CPM. It is available with the patented UltraTrack high-speed volumetric cup filler, or with MemoryTrack for computer scale interface. TT-400 is also suitable for lined cartons - a substitute for cumbersome and outdated bag-in-box formatting. TT-400 for lined cartons can prepare the liner, seal the bottom liner, fill the box, and seal the top liner. Besides that, it can reach a speed of 600+ cartons per minute.

TT-400 Vertical Cartoner Specification

Type Top Load Cartoner
Mode Continuous motion
Carton Pocket Center 4,6,8,10,12, or 16 inches
Speeds Variable to 750 CPM, depending and application
Carton Feed 48+" powered magazine with rotary carton erector
Carton Closing Straight or reverse tuck, hot or cold glue, tooling for special carton styles
Carton Filling Patented volumetric cup fillers; computer scale or auger interface
Frame Welded tubular stainless steel; lexan cover panels with stainless steel frames and safety interlocks
Drive Servo driven with line shaft
Controls Allen Bradley PLC, components, alphanumeric self-diagnostic
Adjustments Lead screws with calibrated scale references
Dimensions Request specific model floor plan
Power Requirements Wired to accommodate your plants electrical requirements
Air Requirements Approx. 6.5 CFM 60 psi
Tooling Available for tuck, glue and special carton styles.


TT-400 features 48+” powered magazine with rotary carton erector. Carton filling is accomplished by utilizing patented volumetric cup fillers, computer scale or auger interface. It supports straight or reverse tuck and hot or cold glue carton closing. For more details, please check specification table.

Vertical Cartoner Machine Video

Vertical Cartoning & Case Packing Integration


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