Patented design innovations for high-speed and efficiency.

TT-600 horizontal cartoner can reach speeds up to 500 CPM, and it is perfect for continuous motion applications. It is available with automatic product transfer, collating devices, extended article bucket conveyors, and product confiners.

Modular coupon placers, code debossers or printers are making this machine a good solution for labeling as well. Flexo-Tray® models coupled with Smart Loader, Smart Flighter, and Sequential Transfer product handling devices, offer unique benefits and system design flexibility.

TT-600 Horizontal Cartoner Specification

Type Side Load Cartoner
Mode Continuous Motion
Centers 1.875" to 16" depending upon model
Speeds Variable to 500 CPM, upon model and application
Carton Feed Powered carton magazine and rotary carton placer
Product Loading Article buckets articulate in to carton score lines
Sensing Systems No product/ no carton and no carton/ no load (with automatic product discharge)
Carton Closing Straight or reverse tuck, or hot melt glue
Frame Welded tubular stainless steel of open, sanitary design
Drive Servo driven with line shaft
Controls Allen Bradley PLC and components


TT-600 features powered carton magazine and rotary carton placer. It provides you with different carton closing options: straight or reverse tuck, or hot melt glue. TI 600 also features Sensing Systems that detect when there is no product/ no carton/ no load. For more details check specification table.

Welded tubular stainless steel of open, sanitary design provides easy maintenance and hygienic environment for your product. Automatic product transfer, collating devices and extended article bucket conveyors provide you with fully automated product handling. Available with coupon placers, code debossers and printers, TT-600 can also be a labeling solution.


  • Bag-in-a-box
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Long goods


  • Pouches and Sachets
  • Blister Packs
  • Tubes