Vertical cartoners for hand load applications.

It is perfect for high-speed cartoning of candies and similar free-flowing products in small cartons. Our 100 Series of cartoners feature user-friendly PLC’s combined with mechanical, state-of-the-art simplicity.

Innovative design, sturdy construction, meticulous engineering, and upgraded crastsmanship result in speeds up to 1,000 CPM at high efficiencies.

TT-100 Vertical Cartoner Specification

Type Top Load Cartoner
Mode Continuous motion
Carton Pocket Center 1.875, 2.5, 3.75, and 5.0 inches.
Speeds Variable to 1,000 CPM, depending upon application.
Carton Feed 48+’’ powered carton magazine with rotary erector; dual micro-pump vacuum system
Carton Closing Straight or reverse tuck, hot melt glue, tooling for special carton styles
Carton Filling Patented volumetric cup fillers or computer scale interface
Frame Welded tubular stainless steel; hinged Lexan cover panels with stainless steel frames and safety electrical interlocks.
Drive Servo driven with line shaft
Controls Allen Bradley PLC or to customer spec; Allen Bradley components, alphanumeric self-diagnostics.


TT-100 features 48+’’ powered carton magazine with rotary erector. It can support different carton closing styles: straight or reverse tuck, hot melt glue. It is also available with tooling for special carton styles. Carton filling is done with the help of patented volumetric cup fillers or computer scale interface. For more details, please check specification table.

TT-100 is operator friendly, it has quick and easy changeover and it is ideal for continuous motion applications. This vertical cartoner is suitable for cartooning of all free-flowing goods at speeds up to 1000 cpm. Fast and efficient, TT-100 is proven solution for cartoning candy, chewing gum, K-cups, stick pouches, golf balls or any free – flowing product.


  • Candy
  • Gum
  • Stick pouches
  • K-cups


  • Golf Balls
  • Gable-top
  • Blister Packs
  • Chewing Gums