High Performance Horizontal and Vertical Cartoners

Tishma technologies can accommodate the most challenging applications with our operator friendly cartoners. Downtime is no longer a concern; our cartoners are built for 24/7 operation! They provide flexibility, quick changeover, high-speed (up to 1,000 cpm) and superior product handling. We are familiar with virtually every carton style on the market (and some not yet on the market). Our packaging experience, and modular design provides proven solutions for most applications.


Applications: Vertical load cartons, bottles, blisters, jars

Tishma vertical cartoners for hand load applications are available with automatic bottle loading and count weigh scale interface. Simplicity, innovative design, robust construction, and upgraded craftsmanship result in high speeds and high efficiencies. The 50 series of Vertical cartoners are compact, portable, and easy to use and changeover.


Applications: Vertical load cartons, candy, gum, stick pouches, K-cups

TT-100 is a High-Speed small center vertical cartoner with patented computer scale interface or volumetric cup fillers.It is perfect for high-speed cartoning of candies and similar free-flowing products in small cartons. Our 100 Series of cartoners feature user-friendly PLC’s combined with mechanical, state-of-the-art simplicity. Innovative design, sturdy construction, meticulous engineering, and upgraded craftsmanship result in speeds up to 1,000 CPM at high efficiencies.


Applications: Vertical load cartons, pasta, rice, pet food

TT-400 vertical cartoner can reach speed up to 750 CPM! It is ideal for pasta, rice, pet food, powders, candy, gum and other products. It features various options for carton closing: straight or reverse tuck, hot or cold glue, and tooling for special carton styles. It also features various carton filling options: patented volumetric cup fillers, computer scale or auger interface.


Applications: Horizontal load cartons, blisters, writing instruments, pouches

TT-60 is a compact horizontal cartoner that provides cartoning solutions for complex cartoning applications. It can collate the products, and load them into a carton, or a display pack. Applications include blister packs, pouches, carded items and numerous others…


Applications: Horizontal load cartons, bag-in-a-box, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, long goods

TT-600 represents the new standard of excellence in horizontal cartoning. Patented design innovations are best reflected in the Flexo-Tray® models coupled with our Smart Loader. It contains Smart Flighter, Sequential Transfer product handling devices, and it offers unique benefits accompanied by system design flexibility.


Features: Tri-seal and flat-blank systems, compact footprint, quick changeover

Finally a new approach to automated flat blank cartoning. The TT-912 series offers continous motion, totally integrated systemsor modules featuring positive cartoncontrol and on-demand computer scale interfacing.

Lined Cartoners

Applications: Horizontal load cartons, bag-in-a-box, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, long goods

Lined carton is a substitute for cumbersome and outdated bag-in-box format. To accommodate this newly developed carton style, Tishma utilized its Vertical Cartoning machine and modified it for new applications. The new machine can prepare the liner, seal the bottom liner, fill the box and seal the top liner. In addition to that, it can reach a speed of 200+ cartons/minute. Liner sealing can be accomplished with heat or Ultrasonics, while filling can be accomplished by Volumetric, Auger or Weigh Scale…